Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Is this awkward?

What kind of self-indulgent bullshit is this anyway? Who has a blog? I mean, apparently millions of people do...but yea, exactly. There's an infinite supply of rambling bullshit to be found laying around these days; so much so that it seems almost irresponsible to add to it.


'Almost' apparently can't convince me that there's no one who might wanna read My rambling. And so it starts. And i have nothing to say right yet but not to worry, something will come along soon.

For example, as this is the initial entry in what could prove to be an extensive record of my writing, it seems i ought to establish some ground rules, or constructive context, maybe a 'thesis', as it were.

A thesis is easy. In theory, this is a collection of ideas. Though mostly text, multi-media is an apparent possibility, so we'll see. The format could be formally journalistic, or might end up as drunken babble at times. So we'll see. There's only one way to find out. My idea is that i'll keep a couple different blogs under different topic headings like Music and Books. This one is Notes to No Body (for now). This seems to be the self-indulgent area where i'll pretend that someone is keeping tabs on me by writing about my day and my feelings and ...


That's not exactly accurate. Chappelle observed of 'every womans' story that, "There's too many feelings, get on with the story..." ...so you get the idea, so i'll move on.

Firstly, after all that, i reserve the right to claim as Fictional, any incidents, people, places or opinions described anywhere under my name. As it turns out, most of it will in fact be true, but nothing i say here should ever be used as evidence in court or any thing. Elaboration, embellishment, convenient fake plot twists, direct quote interpretation, and vague fact manipulation are all part o the game here, so don't get mad about anything i say. You probably won't, but just in case, is all.

Further, it is important to note that most of these entries will be posted bright and early late most mornings. At these strange hours, my mind may not always be trusted to project correct impressions, especially when i become mis-understood or beyond comprehension, whichever comes first.

So the question remains, is it going to be awkward if a bunch of people read along as i lose my mind? Maybe, but hopefully a few of you ('you' hypothetically being a small contingent of family and friends) will at least find it kinda interesting.
For now, it seems the chief purpose of this blog will be to keep track of myself in South Africa (Cape Town) this summer. It'll certainly save me from sending the same slightly altered e-mails to fifteen different people...so that's convenient.

As a practical matter, it seems that a clever, concise menu of all my writing won't appear as i'd like it to, so the way to go is to click on my 'complete profile' er whatever on the side menu there and then i think it should show the list of different topics i been pontificating upon. Right.

For the record, i'm flying to Cape Town on the 5th of June. My purpose there is, in the most general terms, to learn and to teach. I'm there until the 15th of July, when i fly to London for a few days before ending up back in Minneapolis on the 18th. As of now, i'll be back in D.C. on the 29th of July.

OK for now. It's getting early and i need a nap.

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