Sunday, July 29, 2007

saline solution

Lately i've been pouring warm salt water in one nostril until it drips out the other. I tilt my head and lean forward, using a phallic teapot contraption. It is strangely pleasing and is helping me breathe better but i'm out of practice. Breathing that is. I'm a habitual mouthbreather it turns out, as a result of my deviated septum and chronic sinus infection. So now that i can more or less breathe through my nose, i tend to forget.

It's muggy in DC and today felt like death even though it rained. Free Petron at five a.m. made future (now past) discomfort a certainty.

I read somewhere that snot isn't merely a physical creation, but can be influenced by deeper psychological conditions. In some way, boogers are partially a reflection of some aspect of one's mental state. I should learn something from that.

for anyone who reads this, i'm curious as to why. having read it, i'm sure you are too.

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